Help with Life's Decisions

I offer you the support you need to talk confidentially one-on-one, with someone you trust.  When you need help to make an important decision, I will work with you to explore the options you have available.  You don't have to face challenges alone.

Living in Harmony

When you need to resolve an issue or manage a relationship - I will be a work with you to guide you through the important challenges you face. You and I can work together helping you to find the strength you need at the time you need it.  I can help you explore the way forward, format your views into the right words, ensure you consider all the consequences and more importantly achieve results.

Choosing The Right Direction

You need more from your life, but you don't what it is!  You have more to offer but don't where to give it.  I will work with you to explore the option available, guide you to the destination that can offer fulfilment.

When Life Meets Rough Waters

Know that you are not alone, in any situation.  You can ask for help to        Recognise     Accept / Share   and Resolve.

Recognise -  It is important to fully understand the issues you are facing, know how they came about,  look at the part you played in their existence and how they are making you feel.

Accept/ Share - when you are under pressure or in turmoil, the importance of accepting the current situation is vital. Sharing the responsibility can lead to acceptance, just as understanding the lack of acceptance can stop you from moving on.

Resolve - Having the strength you need to move forward, isn't always all you need to resolve a situation.  If it stays in your mind or your heart, then there is no resolution.



10 years experience in helping people

Following completed training in Life Coaching with the Coaches Training Institute, I have had 10 years experience in working with people helping them to move forward.

Coaching training started with learning about myself, discovering my own needs, overcoming hurt and growing with confidence.  It's true, life seems easier for some than for others, but I have learned that everyone needs a little help sometimes.

The way forward starts with you making the first move to contact me and opening the door to a different you.

Call in the coach

call me today and we can discuss your way forward.

Tel: 07896 881559,  If you get the voicemail I am busy with a client, so leave your name and telephone number and will return your call as soon as possible.